Eat Fat to Lose Fat? – Book Review

Dr. Mary Enig, International expert on fats, and Sally Fallon, the President of The Weston A. Price Foundation, have written a book entitled EAT FAT, LOSE FAT. The title seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Even the USDA food pyramid only includes a sliver of fats.

If you were a teenager in the 80’s (like me), you have lived the last two decades being told to “Lose Weight by Eating Less Fat!” I included the exclamation point because I was particularly impressed in the 90’s by infomercial star, Susan Powter, who was always yelling. As a matter of fact, her first book was entitled Stop the Insanity! which included the exclamation point. I was impressed by Susan’s level of enthusiasm and ordered one of her kits from an infomercial. The kit included her book entitled Food, which I still own 15 years later. This book really did change the way I eat.

Low-fat Vegetarian Changing Her Ways

In addition to demonizing all fats, Food also included interesting information about the meat industry; the heinous living conditions of animals and the antibiotics and growth hormones they ingest from their feed. Miss Powter’s book had a lot to do with my mostly low-fat vegetarian diet for the last two decades.

My ideas about diet drastically changed in the last 6 months when I was introduced to a book entitled Nourishing Traditions, written by Sally Fallon, the same author of EAT FAT, LOSE FAT. You can read my full review on Nourishing Traditions.

Nourishing Traditions

Dr. Price’s research demonstrated that humans achieve perfect physical form and perfect health generation after generation only when they consume nutrient-dense whole foods and vital fat-soluble activators found exclusively in animal fats.

Animal Fats?

Animal Fats? Really? This is a difficult concept for this low-fat vegetarian…but…I am trying to keep an open mind, and Nourishing Traditions includes a tremendous amount a scientific research to back up its claims.

EAT FAT, LOSE FAT applies the ideas of Nourishing Traditions to losing wieght, with the added inclusion of significant amounts of Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil? Another saturated fat that has been banished from the American Diet. The interesting point here is that there are many traditional societies living in tropical regions who consume huge amounts of coconut oil and enjoy strong, slender physiques and very low heart disease.

Why Is Our Society Fatter and Sicker Than Ever?

If removing saturated fats from the American Diet was the answer to heart disease and obesity, as has been the outcry for the last 20 years, why is our society fatter and sicker than ever? Despite the 20% reduction in animal fat consumption, 50% reduction in egg consumption, and 75% reduction in butter consumption.

EAT FAT, LOSE FAT begins with five chapters dedicated to a thorough description of healthy fats, traditional foods (real, unprocessed food, like your great-grandmother, and her great-grandmother ate), and how a balanced diet based on these ingredients can help you achieve weight-loss and ultimate health.

Eat Fat, Lose Fat

The next section of EAT FAT, LOSE FAT is sectioned into three different meal plans, Quick and Easy Weight Loss, Health Recovery, and Everyday Gourmet, all which include 2 weeks worth of daily meal ideas. The Everyday Gourmet is the diet plan for maintaining your ideal weight. Here is how the authors descibe the Health Recovery meal plan, “All the…meal plans will gradually upgrade your immune system, stabilize your blood sugar, help prevent illness, and increase your energy long term. However, if you have a more serious (or chronic) illness…you should follow the Health Recovery diet, an intensive version of our program.” The conditions listed include Diabetes, emotional problems, digestion problems, and 15 others.

Maybe you are like me, and despite the low-fat vegetarian way of life, your weight is gradually increasing with your age, and you would like to take off 10 pounds. Or maybe you are like many other people in this country who have bought all the “low-fat”, “light” and “sugar-free” products on the market, to no avail.

Looking for a Creative Solution?

Maybe there is a better way. I am willing to give it try. If low-fat vegetarian isn’t working for me, I need to find a more creative solution. Want to join me? Pick up a copy of EAT FAT, LOSE FAT, subscribe to our Perfect Supplements for Perfect Health newsletter, and track your progress with me. We will give you $5 towards your next Perfect Supplements purchase, AND keep you up to date on the latest coupons available.   

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