Perfect Supplements Announces Kindle Fire Raffle Winner

Our Perfect Supplements family had a busy holiday weekend planning and preparing for the Big Yard Sale that we organized to help sister and marathon runner Kara Lau raise money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Here ‘s a picture of us on Saturday morning standing in front of all the merchandise we collected. Kara also baked dozens of cookies for a Bake Sale.

It Takes a Village

Family, friends, and community gathered together to help Kara reach her donation goals. Perfect Supplements donated a Kindle Fire e-reader for a raffle. A total of 61 tickets were sold. While volunteering to help at the yard sale, we met many interesting people from the neighborhood. One women shared stories about the two young people in her life who suffered with Leukemia. Another women was very excited to learn about the Kindle raffle. She had been searching for a second hand e-reader for her 13 year old son with autism because his teacher had asked her to buy one.

And the Winner Is…Yvonne Leonardo

Here’s a live video of the raffle drawing…raffle

Perfect Generosity

Naturally, many of Kara’s family and friends purchased raffle tickets to help support her fundraising. Yvonne happens to be Kara’s aunt. We were all so moved by the story of the boy with autism who needed an e-reader that Kara mentioned the boy to Yvonne when she called to tell her she won the raffle. Yvonne generously donated the Kindle Fire to the boy. His mom was moved to tears when she learned about it.

We are happy to have been involved with such a good cause. Kara runs her marathon next weekend in San Diego. Enjoy a great run!


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