How to Get Kids to Take Cod Liver Oil

  • Children love routine. Try to give your children their Cod Liver Oil at the same time every day. They will come to expect it and hopefully won’t fight you as much.
  • Introduce Cod Liver Oil as early as possible. As soon as an infant is ready to eat solid foods, begin giving Cod Liver Oil to them. This will get your child use to the taste and will allow him or her to start reaping the benefits from an early age.
  • Give the Cod Liver Oil dose to your child on their favorite spoon or any fun colored spoon. Direct them to open their mouth and try to pour the Cod Liver Oil from the spoon into the back of their mouth, where there are fewer taste buds.
  • Take YOUR Cod Liver Oil in front of your children and take it with a smile. Children learn from their parents and will want to do as you do.
  • Many companies offer a variety of Cod Liver Oil flavors, so let your child pick their favorite. Although the oil will still taste fishy, it will be more appealing than the plain flavor. Green Pastures offers a variety of “kid approved” emulsified Cod Liver Oil flavors that include peppermint, liquorice, and ginger. The peppermint is always a hit!
  • Try letting your child chase their Cod Liver Oil with a beverage. We suggest a sip of water, fruit juice or milk.
  • To naturally sweeten your child’s Cod Liver Oil, try mixing their dose with a half a teaspoon of honey. This will make it taste more appealing without changing the consistency too much.
  • Try mixing your child’s Cod Liver Oil into 1/2 cup of thier favorite fruit juice, and have them drink it quickly.
  • Reward your child with a chocolate chip or a chewable flavored vitamin. This will get rid of the fishy taste and make the entire experience more favorable for your child.
  • For babies who are too young to eat solid food, try rubbing ¼ to ½ tbsp of Cod Liver Oil on your infant’s bottom, once daily, at diaper changing time. The nutrients in Cod Liver Oil can be absorbed through the skin!

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