Celebrating Spring and Earth Day

Spring Is in the Air

Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, children are swimming in giant puddles with all their clothes on! Well, maybe not all children, but that’s what my nine year old son was doing yesterday; and he was having a blast. Just like the “tiny black birds” that Marjory Wenworth describes in her beautiful poem called Spring. Here’s an excerpt…

“… tiny black birds are bathing in puddles beneath the oak trees. Dipping into the icy water, they shake their feathers with such joy that their song pulls us from our seats…”

Time for Planting Pea Pods in Zone 7

In the north, the snow has barely melted, and it’s already time to plant your peas. They are ready to go as soon as the ground thaws. I found this super helpful website about Vegetable Gardening. They had an article all about Planting Peas. My family loves planting peas because they are easy to grow and fun to harvest; just pull the pods right off the plant and pop them in your mouth.


Wondering what else you can plant this early in the year? Check out their Vegetable Planting Guide that tells you when to plant what. According to the guide, it will soon be time to plant spinach, collards and radishes, too. 

Celebrating Earth Day – Everyday

My family celebrates Earth Day, everyday. We are a bunch of tree-hugging nature freaks. With these first warm weather days, we are enjoying walks to the park. In the Spring, right after the snow melts, we get our first glimpses of the litter that had been covered by snow for the last few months. Yesterday, my two sons helped out our neighborhood by picking up some of the trash. On the weekend we will be planting a large Dogwood tree at our church.

Read how to plant a tree …


How will you celebrate Spring and Earth Day?




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