Green Pasture’s Cinnamon Tingle Cod Liver Oil Recipes

Blue Ice Cod liver oil

Perfect Supplements is a proud sponsor of the Weston A. Price Foundation and firm believer in the requirement for high levels of natural vitamins available in Green Pasture’s Cod Liver Oil. Green Pasture improves the flavor of their Cod Liver Oil by adding all natural and organic plant oils. The list of flavors can be found in my previous post, Green Pasture Arctic Mint Cod Liver Oil Recipes. At the time I was enjoying the Arctic Mint flavor.


Easy Recipes

As a supplement company, the purpose of our recipes is to help you and your children easily enjoy the benefits of Cod Liver Oil every day. These are not gourmet.

Recently I have been experimenting with the Cinnamon Tingle flavor. The Honeyed Cod Liver Oil recipe that I shared in the original Cod Liver Oil Recipes post does indeed work just fine with the Cinnamon Tingle flavor. Even my children will take it this way.

Personally, I enjoy the Cinnamon Tingle mixed with juice, but not just any juice. I found that  sour flavors taste best with the Green Pasture Cinnamon Tingle Cod Liver Oil. I consume 1 tsp per day of Cod Liver Oil in order to get the Weston A. Price recommended daily amount of Vitamin A. Here are a few of my favorites.

Cinnamon Sour

1/2 C      Juice (prefer lemonade, blueberry, or orange juice)

(I suspect that cranberry juice would  also work well, but I haven’t tried it yet)

1 tsp  Green Pasture Cinnamon Tingle Cod Liver Oil

As we all know, oil doesn’t mix with water, so you need to mix then sip, mix then sip.

Helpful Tip for Taking Cod Liver Oil

Here is an important tip for enjoying Cod Liver Oil recipes…

If you don’t smell it…the flavor is fine!

I am a bit turned off by the scent of cod liver oil, so I hold my breath when I drink it. I tell my kids to do the same thing. I find this is very helpful.


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