Perfectly Interesting News – The Best Health, Nutrition, and Wellness Tips from April 2015

Welcome to the April 2015 collection of Perfectly Interesting News! Each month, we are going to gather the most interesting health and wellness news, petitions worth signing, and blogs, books, and podcasts worth checking out!


Articles Worth Reading

The Cure for Superbugs like MRSA? Onions and Garlic!

Scientists may have discovered the cure for superbugs like MRSA in a 1000 year old onion and garlic remedy that was originally developed for eye infections.

How I Healed Cervical Dysplasia Naturally

Read the amazing story of Dani from Ancestral Nutrition and how she refused to be intimidated by the medical community.  Don’t let your Doctor intimidate you, get the facts and make informed decisions about your health.

Put Down The Creams and Lotions And Sweat The Years Away

Time magazine explains how exercise is one of the best ways to look and feel younger.

The Top 10 Best (and Worst!) States for Eating Local Food

Woohoo! Rhode Island made the list of best states for eating local food clocking in at #9… Did your state make the list?

What’s on the Menu: Steak – The Story of a Zero Carb Family

We aren’t huge fans of extreme dieting… we just like to eat real food. Would you try this extreme, 100% meat, ZERO carb diet?

19 Bizarrely Effective Home Remedies From Around The World

Yahoo Health has a great roundup of home remedies from every corner of the planet that are bizarrely effective.

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day – 7 Eco-Friendly Apps

One of our favorite activist websites, TakePart, has compiled a list of the 7 best eco-friendly apps to help you stay conscious about your environmental footprint all year long.

Who is REALLY Buying Organic Food? The Answer Might Surprise You!

Many people believe that only the upper-class is buying organic food, but in reality, EVERYONE is starting to demand organic food and that’s great news for the movement.

A Reason to Fiesta: CHIPOTLE GOES 100% GMO-FREE!

Chipotle was the first “fast-food” restaurant to start serving humane animal products and now they’ve done it again by going 100% GMO-free. Who’s up for burritos!?

Kraft Caves to Food Babe Army: Goodbye Artificial Dyes in Mac and Cheese

Kraft had previously removed all dyes from the UK versions of their products, but kept using them in the US. Finally, after plenty of pressure from the Food Babe Army, Kraft has agreed to remove all artificial dyes from their Macaroni and Cheese!

Favorite New Recipes

Quinoa Spring Rolls with Cashew Dipping Sauce

These light, fresh, and colorful spring rolls are perfect for spring! Minimalist Baker, the creator of this awesome dish, has become one of our favorite blogs for simple and healthy recipes.

Can’t Get Enough Quinoa? Here’s 25 More Recipes

We love quinoa because its protein packed, gluten-free, and easy to prepare. It’s also the most versatile carbohydrate ever- Is there anything that quinoa can’t do?

Springtime Limoncello

Nourished Kitchen, one of our favorite blogs for creative recipes, has a great recipe for authentic Limoncello.  Mix up some Limoncello, take a drink and be transported to the countryside of Italy!

Spring is Here! 35 Fruity Recipes Perfect for Warmer Weather

Nothing says spring like crisp and colorful fruits and vegetables! BuzzFeed compiled a list of 35 fruitastic recipes that are totally worth checking out.

Gear Up for Road Trips and Spring Hikes with These Tasty, Low Sugar Snacks

Low sugar snacks does not have to equal bland snacking.  Here are 5 awesome and sweet snacks for kids that keep sugar to a minimum.

Monthly Motivation for the Soul

ae46bc18df007adaeb7a6d5ff01fb887Practice Mindfulness and Gratitude

Perfect Supplements has a ton of great Pinterest Boards, but my favorite is our Mindfulness and Gratitude Board. Check it out here.

Want More Mindfulness Motivation? 

Everyday Mindfulness is a wonderful resource filled with informative articles that will help you live a more meaningful life.

Revel in the Glory of Nature & History

There is a tribe of native people in Mongolia called the Dukha people. A photographer captured their relationship with animals in what might be the most amazing photo series ever taken.


Petitions Worth Signing

USDA: Stop Labeling Factory Farm Chicken “Humanely Raised”

Tricking consumers into paying premium prices is wrong. It’s even worse when lying about the treatment of animals is involved. Click here to sign the petition.

Congress: Support GMO Labeling NOW

Enough is enough! GMOs are dangerous to the health of our people AND our planet. It’s time to get GMOs labeled NATIONWIDE! Sign the petition here.

Monthly Favorites

Health Guru of the Month

Real Food RN

Kate of Real Food RN is a registered nurse, mama, an enthusiastic researcher of alternative medicine who loves bacon, butter, and raw milk as much as we do!  Check out Real Food RN and learn why food really is the best medicine.

Podcast of the Month

The Good Dad Project Podcast 

The Good Dad Project Podcast is on a mission to help Dads be strong, healthy and happy.  Listen in as Larry Hagner and Shawn Stevenson provide great information on parenting, health, nutrition and being the best father possible.  As a family run business, this is an idea we can get behind!

Book of the Month

The Paleo Miracle 2: Women of Strength

A truly inspirational read that will show how diet absolutely impacts our health.  Read the stories of woman who had “incurable” diseases like Crohn’s, Arthritis, Depression and  have become strong and healthy through eating a paleo diet.  They have overcome health challenges, defied stereotypes of age and gender, and created lives that are healthier, different, and more authentic than anyone thought possible.

Movie of the Month


A fascinating look into the healthcare industry in the USA.  Learn all about the medical industrial complex and how it impacts our lives.  Available via Amazon Prime Instant video.


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