64 Year Old Gramma Ran Her First 5K and Giveaway Winner 12/9

And the winner is…Barbara! We will contact you through email. My First 5K I did it! Trained and ran my first 5K. Here I am crossing the finish line in under 48 minutes… That averages out to a 15.5 minute mile…not bad for my first race…and it was a hilly little town, too. If I […]

Running Shoes & Perfect Supplements Race Giveaway

Last week’s giveaway winner, Michael L, mentioned in his comment that he was starting the Couch to 5K training program, and his knees hurt. Here are a few suggestions to help anyone getting started with jogging. Running Shoes? If you are just getting off the couch, you probably do not have a decent pair of […]

Train for 5K with 64 Year Old Gramma & Win Free Supplements

Last year Perfect Supplements employee, Kristen, trained for her first marathon and ran the Disney marathon in January 2011. This month, Kristen and her sister and training partner, Kara, convinced me (64 year old, Alice) to train for my first running event ever, a 5K. We are using the Couch to 5K application that several […]

Finished my First Marathon

Here’s a picture of me just after the marathon, holding my very cool Mickey Marathon Medal.   Here’s a picture of me fifteen minutes later waiting for my dear husband to open the car door. You probaby already know this, but running a marathon is really hard! Would I do it again? Maybe. How Can […]

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall – Book Review

National Best Seller, Born to Run, was published in 2009 and written by Christopher McDougall, a contributing editor for Men’s Health magazine, and three-time National Magazine Award finalist. This was the most entertaining book I have read in years. Written as a first-person non-fiction narrative, Born to Run combines the excitement of ultra-racing with very interesting scientific […]

Marathon Training #5 – Maybe I Don’t Know How to Run

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to research barefoot running because my legs hurt.  The Running Barefoot website has some excellent basic information about “How to Run”. Of course we assume we know how to run, however, most of us learned how to run in shoes, and our bodies were designed to run barefoot. Barefoot-Ken-Bob’s website has […]

Marathon Training #4 – Barefoot Running?

I have a 3/4 mile loop around my neighborhood. On my first attempt to run around the loop I needed to stop and stretch at least four times. After completing several runs over the last few weeks, I was able to complete most of the 3/4 miles without a walk-break. But…my legs still hurt. Is […]