Is There a Difference From Bottle To Bottle Of Fermented Cod Liver Oil?

It is normal to experience a difference in texture, taste and smell from shipment to shipment or bottle to bottle when purchasing Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil products. There are two reasons for this. Odors are affected by Amines. Amines come from the protein breakdown and the different levels are dictated by what the fish eat. The most common amine that fluctuates to affect odor is Tyramine. This amine is the same amine that makes ‘stinky’ cheese have its memorable, distinctive fragrance.

Some lots will crystallize and or solidify at lower temps. These differences can be caused by things like phytosterols. Phytosterols form as a result of different food/ phytoplankton intake. These differences are normal and may form small fat crystals at certain temperatures.

These attributes can be adjusted through heavy refining and processing but that could change the nutrient integrity of the product. The nutrient integrity of the product is our primary focus. In our society today we view our food through an industrialized food model where everything is consistent from jar to jar. Green Pasture’s strives to bring you the best possible fermented cod liver oil and manufactures its products to retain all the nutrient density possible. If differences as described above are inconvenient for you, please consider purchasing the capsule products.

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