Natural Vitality is a company that was developed by Peter Gilham, the developer of Natural Calm, in 1982. Since then, Natural Vitality has become the leading seller of high quality magnesium supplements.

Natural Vitality delivers nutrients in liquid form, so that they are easily absorbed and assimilated by the human body. Natural Vitality products deliver the perfect amount of magnesium, and other important nutrients, to you and your family.

Natural Vitality’s line of products is 100% non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and flavored with organic ingredients such as organic stevia.

Natural Vitality also shares many of Perfect Supplements’ values including dedication to quality, safety, and efficacy of their products, as well as their dedication to supports various charitable and sustainable organizations.


Natural Calm

Natural Calm is Natural Vitality’s top selling supplement and it has been the number one natural magnesium supplement on the market for over six years. Natural Calm works to correct magnesium deficiency while simultaneously promoting feelings of serenity. Natural Calm is simply mixed with water to create a naturally relaxing beverage.



Natural Calm PLUS Calcium

Natural Calm PLUS Calcium offers all of the same benefits of the original Natural Calm with the added benefits of calcium! Both calcium and magnesium are vital nutrients that our modern diet is lacking. Natural Calm PLUS Calcium works to correct both calcium and magnesium deficiencies while reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.



Balanced CalMag

Balanced CalMag provides calcium and magnesium at an ideal 1:1 ratio. Calcium and magnesium need each other in order to find balance within the human body. Calcium keeps us energized while magnesium keeps us calm. Try Balanced CalMag for the ideal ratio of these two important minerals.