Is There Arsenic In Perfect Plant Protein

Lab testing on Perfect Plant Protein shows the arsenic level at 0.089 PPM. PPM is parts per million, which means micrograms (mcg) per gram. One serving of Perfect Plant Protein, which is 26 grams, then has 2.3 mcg of organic arsenic (26 times .089).

Let’s compare to something we consume everyday…water! The US sets the safe level of arsenic in water to .010 PPM. The general recommendation on water is to drink 8 glasses a day, which is about 64 ounces or right around 2 liters of water. 2 liters of water weights about 2,000 grams (2kg). So, the total amount of arsenic you could be consuming in the water you drink each day is about 20 mcg (2,000 times .010).

The amount of arsenic you would consume if you take the Perfect Plant Protein once a day is only 2.3 mcg. The amount of arsenic you may consume just by drinking the recommended amount of water each day? 20 mcg – nearly 10 times higher than the amount of arsenic in Perfect Plant Protein!

To put that into perspective, when you mix the Perfect Plant Protein into a glass of water, you consume less arsenic from the Perfect Plant Protein (2.3 mcg) than from the glass of water (2.4 mcg).

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