Research suggests that a diet high in protein may help people maintain a healthier body weight. As with any type of food or supplement, the quality of the protein consumed is highly important and can be either beneficial or detrimental to your health. At Perfect Supplements, we believe in quality protein from both animal and plant sources. Our favorite types of animal protein include free range chicken and eggs, grass fed beef and dairy, pastured pork, and gelatin from healthy animals. Our favorite plant based protein sources include a variety of nuts, seeds, vegetables, and whole grains. And of course, we cannot forget plant based protein supplements such as Perfect Spirulina, Perfect Chlorella, and Perfect Plant Protein.

Anyways, back to the research- In May of 1999, The International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders published a study entitled Randomized trial on protein vs carbohydrate in ad libitum fat reduced diet for the treatment of obesity. The study was designed to examine the effect on weight loss in healthy, overweight, and obese subjects when carbohydrates are replaced by protein in a low fat diet. During the Randomized dietary intervention study over the course of six months, 65 overweight men and women (ages 18-55) were randomly assigned to three groups; 25 following a high protein diet, 25 following a high carbohydrate diet, and 15 in a control group. At the end of the study, the high protein diet group:

  • Lost an Average of 19.6 Pounds Total
  • Lost an Average of 16.7 Pounds of Body Fat
  • Decreased Fasting Plasma Triglycerides

On the contrary, the high carbohydrate group only lost an average of 11.2 pounds and 9.4 pounds of fat. There were no reported changes in the control group. The high carbohydrate and control groups did not experience changes to fasting plasma triglycerides. In conclusion, a high protein diet is more efficient for weight loss.

In January of 2004, the same journal published a study entitled High protein intake sustains weight maintenance after body weight loss in humans. During the randomized parallel design study, 148 male and female subjects (ages 34-54) with body mass indexes ranging from 26.0-32.0 followed a low calorie diet for 4 weeks. Their weight maintenance was then analyzed during a 3 month follow-up period. The subjects were split into two groups; additional protein diet and control. The additional protein group received an additional 48.2g of protein per day. At the end of the study, the group who consumed additional protein experienced:

  • 50% Less Body Weight Regain than Control Group
  • Weight Regain Consisting of ONLY Lean Muscle
  • Feelings of Satiety

Still not convinced? In September of 2012, The Nutrition and Metabolism Journal (London) published a meta-study entitled protein in weight management: a review proposing protein spread and change theories. The study was designed analyze whether or not an increase in dietary protein favorably effects body composition during weight management interventions. Of the studies reviewed, 35 of the 51 studies (69%) examined showed superior body composition and anthropometric benefits of a higher protein intake over control.

The data outlined is this article does not consider the quality of protein consumed. With a high quality protein source, such as Perfect Plant Protein, these results may have been even more impressive.

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