I absolutely cannot believe how much better I feel after only a week taking four capsules per day. I have narcolepsy, hypothyroidism, and anemia. Some days it was such an effort just to get out of bed that I felt like giving up. I never understood why I took iron every day but was still so weak. My doctors told me to take a multivitamin and give myself B 12 shots. Nothing worked, I was too exhausted to play with my kids or go grocery shopping, and I lost huge amounts of hair every day.

I ordered Perfect Dessicated Liver because of the positive reviews from others who are anemic. I felt better on the second day after I took Perfect Dessicated Liver! I have so much more energy, my hair has stopped falling out, and I actually went grocery shopping yesterday. I didn't feel weak or anxious or shaky. I feel like I have been given my life back!