No Guilt Coffee and Donuts- 9 Recipes !

Good News! It’s National Coffee Day! National coffee day is a very special day dedicated to the appreciation of Coffee.  Coffee shops around the country will be taking part in this major event with promotions and big time discounts.  Whether it be caffeinated, decaffeinated, iced, hot, fancy, or herbal all of us enthusiasts appreciate the personal connection we have with our drink.   However, there  is one important thing to consider…

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3 Amazingly Simple & Creative Things To Do With Your Pumpkins This Year

It’s pumpkin carving time again! If you are short on time or have little ones who want to help carve (but may end up carving more than just a pumpkin) here are 3 creative ideas you might not have thought of yet! #1 Use A Cookie Cutter! Super easy and will make you look like a pro!   #2 Use A Drill! Time saving hack that looks great when finished! #3 Use A…

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My 12 Favorite Healthy, High Protein, Packable School Snacks

As a mom I find it difficult to pack healthy snacks that are high in protein, easily packable, and that my daughter can eat in less than the allotted 5 minute snack time (sad but true).  She often complains that the other kids are enjoying “better” snacks than her banana or carrot sticks (like Anna and Elsa fruit snacks or yogurt with m&ms -gasp!). I’ve googled and tried many recipes that will help…

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Tips and Tricks For Working With Grass Fed Gelatin + Recipes!

  Ever wanted to be a Magician? Well, Perfect Bovine Gelatin, in addition to being great for you, can also give you magical powers. It allows you to turn liquid into solid, or at least jelly like blobs! Gelatin has the cool ability to gel, thicken or set liquids. One scoop of Perfect Bovine Gelatin can gel about 16 ounces of liquid. While gelatin is not very hard to work…

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Leptin Resistance and Weight Loss

If you often find yourself asking these questions then you might be experiencing Leptin Resistance.  This article will explain what Leptin Resistance is, symptoms and testing for Leptin issues, and the natural ways to stabilize your Leptin. Leptin- The Dictator of Fat Leptin is the hormone that tells your body to stop eating when you are full. Leptin also controls cravings and plays an important role in your metabolism.  When functioning well you…

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6 Unusual But Awesome Uses for Grass Fed Bovine Gelatin

Most likely when you think of Gelatin you think of fun, colorful, jiggling desserts or the adult version- Jello shots.  Maybe you have a few favorite desert recipes of your own that include this amazingly healthy ingredient. Ingesting Gelatin (or it’s counterpart Collagen) is beneficial for almost every area of your body, including hair, skin, nails, joints and digestion, but are you aware of all the other amazing things you can…

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Are Supplements Necessary For Modern Day Cave People? Let’s Ask The Experts …

This morning I caught a fish and cooked it over an open fire.  I bathed in the river from which I caught said fish, dressed, then headed to work gathering berries and nuts on my bare-footed walk there. Yeah right If you can actually accomplish this type of lifestyle nowadays I applaud you, but for most following a modernized Paleo diet there are some serious nutritional gaps to consider. Here…

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3 Reasons Spirulina Can Help You Loose Weight (2)

Spirulina For Weight Loss & More [Spirulina Recipes]

Due to its amazing health benefits, Spirulina has been deemed one of the most powerful super-foods in the world. This beautiful blue-green micro-algae provides your body with all the essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants it needs to thrive, but did you know it can also aid in healthy, sustainable weight loss? *3 Reasons Spirulina May Help You Loose Weight* 1. It’s Nutrient Dense -Contains more vitamins, minerals, and amino acids…

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4th of July Strawberry Pie- Healthy Recipe With {High Protein Gelatin} and {High Vitamin Butter Oil}

There are going to be many red white and blue recipes to choose from this weekend but I guarantee this is the healthiest version of a patriotic pastry that you will find.  It consists entirely of all natural, organic, nutrient dense ingredients-is extremely easy to make- and tastes delicious!  A win-win-win! I was so excited to try out some amazing Gelatin Recipes last week with the newest addition to the Perfect…

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11 Collagen Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water and Your Body Happy {Easy Prep}

Collagen is amazing isn’t it?  It keeps your bendable parts bendable, your hair, skin and nails healthy, improves digestion, and can do so much more for the overall health of your body.  Check out all the amazing health benefits of Collagen and Gelatin here. If you are looking for some super delicious, high protein recipes then you’ve come to the right place!  The recipes below all include Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen for an extra…

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