Our Top 10 Must Read Posts of 2016!

We’ve had an incredible year and with the support of our happy customers we were able to release our best selling new product, Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen.  Thank you to all our followers for trusting us with your health. We strive to provide not only amazing whole food supplements, but up to date health and wellness information and the importance of a real, whole food diet through our blogs.  We like to provide…

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The 10 Most Pinned Paleo Recipes of 2016- Have You Saved Them Yet?

***The 10 Most Pinned Paleo Recipes of 2016***  At 224.2k Pins and counting this Paleo friendly Twix Inspired recipe from Bakerita takes the cake!  Wow, they look too good to be true! HOMEMADE TWIX BARS (GF, PALEO + VEGAN) This Paleo friendly peanut noodles recipe from Kelly and the Cricket  has achieved over 220.5k Pins thus far and is described as “ridiculously addicting” but no worries, it’s healthy!  Crazy Good Peanut Noodles {Quick&Easy, Gluten-Free,…

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YOU Shared Your Love of Nature, WE Donated $1,000 #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday Wrap-Up Last month at Perfect Supplements, we really enjoyed all the beautiful photos our fellow nature-lovers shared on social media with the #PerfectNatureShare. “Thank you!” for supporting our #GivingTuesday photo drive. If you’ve been following our posts, you know that Perfect Supplements promised to donate $5 to Audubon Society of RI for every nature photo shared.   Here are a few of our favorites …  $1,000.00 Donation to Nature…

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YOU Share YOUR Love of Nature and WE Donate to Protect Nature #GivingTuesday

Are You a Nature Freak Like Me?  Do you love to spend time in nature snapping photographs? It’s one of my favorite pastimes. All the photos in the featured picture above were taken by me! I am constantly dragging my family out hiking and sight seeing, all over the world. Now is your chance to support environmental organizations simply by sharing your love of nature on any social media account….

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Perfectly Paleo High Protein Pudding

If I told you right now that you could eat this decadent, creamy, chocolatey dessert and it could strengthen your entire body would you believe it?  Much like Popeye to his spinach, this 100% natural, paleo, high protein, super healthy chocolate pudding recipe includes an important (possibly magical) key ingredient that can be added to almost any food or drink for amazing health benefits for your entire body inside and…

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How to Get Your Pumpkin Fix All Year Round [Including 9+ Healthy Pumpkin Recipes!]

Fall = Pumpkin. It’s Just Basic Math, Right? I am one of those people.  The ones who let out a little squeal when they see the “now available” image of a pumpkin latte, muffin, etc.  Sadly this season is short lived year after year.  I may or may not shed a tear when harvest time turns to winter prep.  Gone is the pumpkin and in comes the cinnamon and gingerbread.  Why do we…

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No Guilt Coffee and Donuts- 9 Recipes !

Good News! It’s National Coffee Day! National coffee day is a very special day dedicated to the appreciation of Coffee.  Coffee shops around the country will be taking part in this major event with promotions and big time discounts.  Whether it be caffeinated, decaffeinated, iced, hot, fancy, or herbal all of us enthusiasts appreciate the personal connection we have with our drink.   However, there  is one important thing to consider…

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3 Amazingly Simple & Creative Things To Do With Your Pumpkins This Year

It’s pumpkin carving time again! If you are short on time or have little ones who want to help carve (but may end up carving more than just a pumpkin) here are 3 creative ideas you might not have thought of yet! #1 Use A Cookie Cutter! Super easy and will make you look like a pro!   #2 Use A Drill! Time saving hack that looks great when finished! #3 Use A…

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My 12 Favorite Healthy, High Protein, Packable School Snacks

As a mom I find it difficult to pack healthy snacks that are high in protein, easily packable, and that my daughter can eat in less than the allotted 5 minute snack time (sad but true).  She often complains that the other kids are enjoying “better” snacks than her banana or carrot sticks (like Anna and Elsa fruit snacks or yogurt with m&ms -gasp!). I’ve googled and tried many recipes that will help…

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Tips and Tricks For Working With Grass Fed Gelatin + Recipes!

  Ever wanted to be a Magician? Well, Perfect Bovine Gelatin, in addition to being great for you, can also give you magical powers. It allows you to turn liquid into solid, or at least jelly like blobs! Gelatin has the cool ability to gel, thicken or set liquids. One scoop of Perfect Bovine Gelatin can gel about 16 ounces of liquid. While gelatin is not very hard to work…

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