The 35 Best Weston A. Price Inspired Traditional Food Bloggers for 2015

As a Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) Chapter Leader, I am always seeking out recipes, information and tips when it comes to traditional foods.   Nourishing foods, traditional foods, Weston A. Price inspired foods – call it what you like, but everyday I am scouring the web for the best information from all the real food bloggers out there.

Introducing The 2015 BITAN Awards …

Here it is!  Move over Oscar, Tony, Grammy and Emmy Awards – make way for the 2015 Best In Traditional And Nourishing Foods (BITAN) Bloggers Awards.

Showcasing the 35 Traditional Food Blogs
That Rose To The Top of The Raw Milk Glass

The Go-To-Guide you’ve been waiting for … A list of the Best Weston A. Price Inspired, Traditional And Nourishing Food Bloggers on the internet; sorted by category for easy reference.  Section one looks at a variety of traditional, healthy living topics, section two focuses on recipes, and section three features our favorite Real Food Podcasts and Vlogger (video blogger). Enjoy!

If you see our seal on a blog – You know you have found a blog that provides timely, accurate, interesting and actionable information on traditional and nourishing foods.


How We Selected The 2015 BITAN Winners

I am a huge fan of the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF). Reading the Nourishing Traditions cookbook (in 2008) completely changed my beliefs about healthy eating. Now I feel healthier and more confident that I am providing the best sources of nutrition for my family. Check out my Nourishing Traditions book review.

In 2013 I became co-leader of my local WAPF chapter. This year will be Perfect Supplements’ third year sponsoring a Wise Traditions conference. Please stop by to say hello to us in Anaheim!

I personally selected each of the bloggers on this list. They are passionate about the healing benefits of traditional foods, such as, healthy fats from pastured animals (butter, egg yolks), fermented foods, and bone broths. These bloggers tell good stories and prepare great recipes. They are dedicated to sharing the benefits of nourishing foods with you. Many have healed themselves and their family members with food. They often pursue advanced training in nutrition.

I checked that every blog is updated regularly, and found the best articles in a wide variety of topics (Google can’t do that!). All of our award winners support local, unprocessed, real food, just like me and you.

Without further ado, here are the 2015 BITAN Award Winners …

35 Best WAPF Inspired Bloggers

I would be remiss if I didn’t start this list with the blogs recommended directly by the Weston A. Price Foundation.


Recommended by the WAPF
The-Daily-LipidThe Daily Lipid
Chris Masterjohn, PhD in Nutritional Sciences, studies the benefits of traditional foods, with a focus on cholesterol. Check out Why Foods High in Cholesterol Could Save Your LifeThe 'master' of healthy cholesterol, @ChrisMasterjohn just won a 2015 BITAN Award. Congrats! Click To Tweet
Hartke-OnlineHartke is Online
Kimberly Hartke, publicist for the WAPF and promoter of their Campaign for Real Milk and local foods movement.'Living and Breathing Health', @kimberlyhartke wins award for Best Traditional Food Blogger 2015 Click To Tweet


More from the Weston A. Price Foundation
Home-EconomistThe Healthy Home Economist
Sarah Pope, author and member of the Board of the WAPF, blogs about traditional recipes, helpful shopping lists and How-To videos. Check out this informative article about The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (it’s not the gluten).With helpful how-to videos, @HealthyHomeEcon wins award for Best Traditional Food Blogger 2015 Click To Tweet
Nourishing Our Children
Sandrine Love created this blog as an educational initiative of the Weston A Price Foundation. Here’s an article describing the “surprising” health benefits of eggs, butter, cholesterol, and more.Helping us nourish our children, #NourishingOurChildren wins award for Best Traditional Food… Click To Tweet


Challenging Politically Correct Nutrition
kelly-kopKelly the Kitchen Kop
Kelly is an author, mentor, and WAPF local chapter leader. Here’s a wonderful article all about bone broth and gelatin, and another one about healing teeth naturally.'Busting politically correct nutrition', @KitchenKop wins award for Best Traditional Food… Click To Tweet


Holistic Nutrition Practitioners
Holistic-SquidHolistic Squid
Emily is an acupuncturist, herbal medicine and nutrition practitioner. She wrote The Eczema Cure, how to heal eczema from the inside with real food. Read one of her eczema healing success stories.Combining holistic healing and motherhood, @holisticsquid wins award for Best Traditional Food… Click To Tweet
real-food-rnReal Food RN
Kate is a registered nurse, holistic nutrition counselor, and real food lover. Check out her recipe for homemade onion soup mix (no MSG in this one)!Registered nurse and holistic nutritionist, @RealFoodRN wins award for Best Traditional Food… Click To Tweet
butter-nutritionButter Nutrition
Catherine is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who is passionate about health education. Check out these two informative articles; 10 Things Healthy People Do Differently and Why Cancer Rates are Skyrocketing.With tons of helpful nutrition info, @ButterNutrition wins award for Best Traditional Food… Click To Tweet


Real Food Mamas
Heather Dessinger improved her health with real food as described in the Nourishing Traditions Cookbook. A real DIY’er, check out her Fire Cider recipe for healing colds.Beloved mommy-blogger + talented story-teller, @mommypotamus wins Best Traditional Food Blogger… Click To Tweet
wellness-mamaWellness Mama
Katie, the “Wellness Mama”, is #JustAMom on a mission to help other families live more naturally through practical tips like the following, Coconut Oil Pulling Chews and How to Detox Your Armpits.Are you #JustaMom like @WellnessMama? She just won an award for Best Traditional Food Blogger… Click To Tweet
homemademommyHomemade Mommy
Lindsey is “Keeping It Real in a Fake Food World”. She blogs about lots of helpful parenting information such as this article about 10 Tips to Feed Your Baby Nutrient-Dense Food.You can heal yourself with food, just like @HMadeMommy, winner of Best Traditional Food Blogger… Click To Tweet
mama-babyMama and Baby Love
Stephanie practices and preaches alternative health and wellness, and natural parenting. She appreciates the power of pure supplements and recommends Green Pastures Cod Liver Oil as her #1 Weight Loss Supplement. I just ordered her Freezer to Family Slow Cooker Cook Book.All about healing and motherhood, @MamaAndBabyLove wins award for Best Traditional Food Blogger Click To Tweet


Happy Homesteaders
prairiehomesteadThe Prairie Homestead
With her “hankering for chickens and Mason jar addiction”, Jill Winger shares helpful homestead information such as her popular Lemongrass: How to Grow it & Use It and this helpful article about 39 Ways to Make Money Homesteading.Teaching us how to 'return to our roots', @homesteader wins Best Traditional Food Blogger Award Click To Tweet
elliothomeThe Elliot Homestead
With beautiful photography, Shaye Elliot shares unique and practical information about homesteading life on her farm. Popular articles include How to Build a Green House, How to Butcher a Chicken, and How to Make Bacon.Gorgeous photography + farm animals, @theelliotthome wins Best Traditional Food Blogger Award Click To Tweet


Healthy-Fat Fanatics and Coo-Coo for Coconut
coconut-mamaCoconut Mama
Tiffany is coo-coo for coconut and all traditional, real foods. I will be downloading her free coconut flour recipe e-book; it can be so tricky to cook with coconut flour! Here’s another unique recipe for homemade cough drops.Free coconut flour recipe ebook at, awarded Best Traditional Food Blogger Click To Tweet
deliciousobsessionDelicious Obsessions
Jessica shares her love of coconut oil with dozens of coconut articles about coconut health benefits, DIY coconut skin care, and nutritious coconut recipes. Coo-Coo for coconut like @DeliciousObsess? She just won a Best Traditional Food Blogger Award Click To Tweet


Real Food on a Budget
keeperofthehomeKeeper of the Home
Stephanie shares healthy recipes and lots of Do-It-Yourself-Cheaper tips and natural cleaning suggestions. Check out her popular How to Preserve Anything and 70 Fast and Healthy Breakfast Ideas.Do-It-Yourself Diva, @KeeperHome wins award for Best Traditional Food Blogger 2015 Click To Tweet
don't-waste-crumbsDon’t Waste the Crumbs
The subtitle says it all, “A real food journey … on a real budget.” Tiffany is serious about saving money. She feeds her family of four, real food, with a grocery budget of only $330 per month. She does this with meal plans and tons of DIY. Check out her popular homemade earthpaste toothpaste.'Real food on a real budget', @dontwastecrumbs wins award for Best Traditional Food Blogger 2015 Click To Tweet


II. Real Food Recipes

Naturally, you will see from a quick scan of the blogs listed above that ALL Weston A. Price (WAP) bloggers share great, real food recipes, because, WAP peeps understand “it’s all about the food!”

The blogs listed in this section are true foodie blogs, with 90% food-related posts, and some beautiful food photography. Enjoy!

Nourished Kitchen
Jenny is the author of the Nourished Kitchen: Farm-to-Table Recipes for the Traditional Foods Lifestyle. Popular recipes on this beautiful, traditional recipe blog include Peach Butter and Homemade Boullion: Portable Soup.Beautiful photography + traditional food, @JennyMcGruther wins Best Traditional Food Blogger… Click To Tweet
nourishing-cookThe Nourishing Cook
Kim shares her experience of “cooking all 773 of the recipes from Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions cookbook”. Have you ever wondered why your Ferments are Too Salty? Love beets and want to try preparing Fermented Beet Kvass?Cooking Nourishing Traditions' recipes, @NourishingCook wins Best Traditional Food Blogger Award Click To Tweet
fearlesseatingFearless Eating
Craig Fear is a Nutritional Therapist who believes in, and teaches about, the healing properties of traditional foods, particularly bone broth! Check out his huge assortment of soups and broths, and learn why you can’t get real broths and soups in supermarkets.Bone Broth and Soup Extraordinaire, @PVNutritherapy wins Best Traditional Food Blogger Award Click To Tweet


Grain-Free Goddesses

These food bloggers understand the benefits of traditional, whole foods, however, grain sensitivities led them to remove grains from their diet.

deliciously-organicDeliciously Organic
Carrie is passionate about real food because of its healing properties. Read about how she cured her debilitating diseases with food. Here is another very interesting article about the connection between Food Dyes and Mental Health, particularly in children.Healing foods + beautiful photography, @CarrieVitt wins Best Traditional Food Blogger Award Click To Tweet
empowered-sustenanceEmpowered Sustenance
Lauren’s blog features delicious recipes with gorgeous food photography, and she is certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She understands the healing power of food because she cured her own acute colitis with real food and the removal of grains. Check out Why I’ll Never Be Vegan and 10 Ways to Make a Hamburger without Bread.'Real food saved her life', @EmpoweredFood wins award for Best Traditional Food Blogger Click To Tweet
nourishinghomeThe Nourishing Home
Kelly also cured her own chronic inflammatory disease (cystitis) with the healing power of real food! (Are you starting to see a trend here?) Have you tried Dairy-Free Coconut Whipped Cream?Delicious Grain-Free recipes, @NourishingHome wins award for Best Traditional Food Blogger Click To Tweet


Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free (some Egg-Free)
nourishinggourmetThe Nourishing Gourmet
Lover of traditional food, and supporter of local raw milk and pastured eggs, food sensitivities forced Kimi to push herself to create gluten, dairy, and sometimes egg-free recipes. Check out these two unique recipes, maple brussel sprouts and Nut-Free Paleo Energy Bites. 'Beautiful food made simple', @KimiHarris wins award for Best Traditional Food Blogger 2015 Click To Tweet


WAPF Meets Paleo

These bloggers appreciate the wisdom of traditional food combined with the Paleo lifestyle.

paleoleap-2Paleo Leap
Sebastien and his team are on a mission to help people improve their health with simple diet and lifestyle changes. This interesting article compares traditional diet recommendations with Paleo. Here’s a sample from their great recipes, Cauliflower Chowder.Curing modern health problems with real food, @PaleoLeap wins award for Best Traditional Food… Click To Tweet
real-food-foragerReal Food Forager
Clinical Nutritionist and Chiropractor, Dr. Jill combines a love of traditional foods and Paleo. Her health and nutrition blog includes recipes such as Coconut Banana Blueberry Bars and Smashed Parsnips.Foraging for Real Food Resources? Check out @realfoodforager, winner of Best Traditional Food… Click To Tweet
Ancestral-NutritionAncestral Nutrition
Holistic Health Coach, Dani is on a mission to help people transform their lives with step-by-step programs and personal consultations. Check out The Healthiest Shot and Got Anxiety? Mineral Deficiency?
Get off the diet rollercoaster with @AncestralNut, winner of Traditional Food Blogger Award Click To Tweet


III. Real Food Podcasts and Video Blogger

Do you appreciate learning new things while driving, exercising, or doing chores around the house? I do! I subscribe to several health-related podcasts; here are two that focus on real food.

ImLizRFLoverlay.jpgReal Food Liz
Liz has a wonderful blog, not one but, two podcasts, and her blog includes several video posts as well (truly multi-media). She appreciates the benefits of combining Paleo and Weston A. Price principles, particularly for fertility and child development. This article serves as a directory of her WAPF posts and resources.'Natural fertility + happy skin', @RealFoodLiz wins award for Best Traditional Food Blogger 2015 Click To Tweet
divinehealthDivine Health from the Inside Out
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Lydia, has teamed up with Jessica, of Delicious Obsessions, to create a real food podcast (search for Vibrant Health Podcast). Curious about hair tissue mineral analysis?  Divine Health from the Inside Out, @divihealth wins award for Best Traditional Food Blogger 2015 Click To Tweet
mama-naturalMama Natural
Last (but certainly not least!) I am happy to share Genevieve (aka Mama Natural) as our favorite real food vlogger (video blogger). Funny and informative, you will want to check out her Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say videos, and this one she created during her visit to an International Wise Traditions Conference. Conscious parenting + funny videos, @MamaNatural wins award for Best Traditional Food Blogger… Click To Tweet

Please stop by to visit Perfect Supplements at the 2015 Wise Traditions Conference in Anaheim in November. We are so looking forward to the Weston A. Price Foundation lovefest!

Naturally, there are probably many wonderful WAPF Bloggers that we may have missed. Please comment about your favorites to add to the list!

Dear readers, check out the great traditional food blogger recommendations that we have already received in the comments, and please keep them coming! (added 10/23)

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