5 Fun Health & Fitness Challenges for the Office

How To Get Started

Of course you can use these tips and challenge yourself, but competition with others can be a strong and fun way to stay motivated.  Ask a co-worker or workers to compete with of course get permission from your supervisor before making a game plan. The next thing you need to do is create chart or some way of keeping track of the challenges and contestants. We recommend a chart with everyone’s name and the days of the week with enough space to add stickers or symbols for every task completed to tally at the end of whatever date you set the competition to end.  Remember- the goal is to encourage healthy habits not to lose weight or win a pizza party- that would defeat the purpose!

1. Drink 4-8 oz of Water per Hour

The average paper cup that generally surrounds your average office water cooler is 4-5 oz. Aim to drink at least one paper cup per hour. This will not only force you to get up and walk to the water cooler once per hour, it will also ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the day. Every time you drink a cup, give yourself a star!

2. Do 20 Squats Every Time You Go to the Bathroom

When it comes to making your desk job as healthy as possible, the key is to get your body moving. Say you go to the bathroom 4 times in an average day- that means you’ll do 80 body weight squats per day! That’s going to burn way more calories than simply walking back and forth from the bathroom. Every time you do 20 squats, give yourself a star!

3. Instead of Making that 2nd Cup of Coffee, Do 50 Jumping Jacks

Whenever you get tired and feel the urge to go make another cup of coffee, simply find an open space (away from your co-workers) and do 50 jumping jacks. A little exercise will get your heart pumping and your blood moving, which will help you wake up and refocus. If you can get outside at this time it’s even better!  Every time you do 50 jumping jacks, give yourself a star!

4. Park Far Away, Walk to Lunch, or Take the Stairs

There are plenty of ways to squeeze more cardio into your work day. Try parking on the other side of the parking lot instead of as-close-to-the-front-door-as-possible. Take the stairs over the elevator or escalator. Walk to lunch or take a walk on your lunch break. Every time you complete one of these challenges, give yourself a star!

5. Pack a Homemade Lunch

It can be tempting to eat out on your lunch break but bringing a packed lunch is SO much healthier! Give yourself a star every time you bring a homemade lunch to work. Give yourself a bonus star if your lunch is vegan or vegetarian, gluten-free or grain-free, WAP or Paleo, or 100% organic!


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