How to Practice Generosity without Opening Your Wallet

Paul and Kristen, husband and wife owners of Perfect Supplements, were both brought up in lower-middle-class families. Kristen’s mother was a single-mom and Paul’s dad worked as an electrician and his mom as a seamstress who worked from home. Despite the lack of wealth, their parents taught them to be generous. Kristen’s mother always financially supported her church, and donated money to charities that provided for families living in poverty. Paul’s mother and father opened their homes on several occasions to children who were having family problems and needed a place to stay.

Extreme Charity

Allowing a friend or family member in need, to stay in your home indefinitely is an example of extreme charity without opening your wallet. While there is obviously some expense related to caring for our loved ones, it is indirect. What is most impressive is the spirit of generosity behind the act.

An act of kindness does not need to be large to be meaningful. In the early nineties there was a saying “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty.” It is the sharing of many small gifts that eventually adds up to more peace on earth.

There Are So Many Ways to Give…

Give love, attention,

Affection, hugs and kisses,

Praise, and compliments.

Give someone a smile,

A greeting, invitation,

A meal, or party.

In an argument,

We give our opinion,

And sometimes, give in.

On the road, we give,

The right of way to strangers,

Or a ride for friends.


Can be given with a note.

Forgiveness is free.

All these gifts can be shared without any cost. Why be stingy? Abundance is ours.

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