Fun Family Fitness at Water Country in Williamsburg, VA

Our family includes three children between the ages of four and eight. Water Country in Williamsburg is the third outdoor water park that we have visited in the North East, and by far the best.

What’s So Great About This Water Park?

One of the things I liked the best about Water Country VA was the landscape of trees and beautiful, tropical flowers. I detest amusement parks that remind me of parking lots because they are simply a sea of flat cement.

Water Country VA is also very family-friendly. They had at least four fun children’s water areas that included tons of comfortable seating for the parents. This was markedly different than the last water park we attended where I was forced to sit on a cement wall to watch my little one, or stand the whole time. The park also included a couple of pint-sized rafting slides that the little ones could enjoy all by themselves. And if that wasn’t enough, there were many slides that parents and small children could enjoy together. (Don’t worry – there were several vertical drop rides for you thrill-seekers too.)

The final thing that I liked about Water Country VA was the excellent selection of fun music that was played throughout the day. I enjoyed listening to great songs from every worthy musician from the 50’s through the 80’s.

This is a very big water park, and despite being there for eight hours, and enjoying no lines, we still didn’t get to see everything.

Are There Any Cons?

The food was quite pricey, for example $3.59 for an ice cream pop, but this is typical of amusement parks. We packed a cooler and went to the minivan to eat lunch. You also have to pay to park, $13, and pay for a locker, $10…it adds up quickly, but again, typical of amusement parks.

Suggestions to Improve Your Trip?

I highly recommend investing in a pair of water shoes if you plan to stay the day. Four of the five members of our family experienced minor foot injuries from having exposed feet for so many hours.

For the ladies, the act of climbing onto and out of rubber rafts and tubes requires quite a bit of “exposure”. In the future, I plan to wear some quick-drying bathing shorts.

Where Is The Fitness?

First of all, the park is very big, so simply walking for most of eight hours is a decent work-out. In addition, because there were no lines, we also had to climb dozens of flights of stairs to get to the top of the slides. Finally, there were lots of opportunities for swimming including the wave pool and the lazy river.

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