How to Get Your Pumpkin Fix All Year Round [Including 9+ Healthy Pumpkin Recipes!]

Fall = Pumpkin. It’s Just Basic Math, Right?

I am one of those people.  The ones who let out a little squeal when they see the “now available” image of a pumpkin latte, muffin, etc.  Sadly this season is short lived year after year.  I may or may not shed a tear when harvest time turns to winter prep.  Gone is the pumpkin and in comes the cinnamon and gingerbread.  Why do we do this to ourselves fellow Pumpkin enthusiasts when we can, with a little effort, keep some goodness stashed aside for when a cool, sweet, pumpkin iced mocha latte craving hits in the middle of summer?  Here are 3 steps to accomplish this feat-

1. Find Your Healthiest Source

Find a local farm or store that offers Organic Pumpkins to reap all the health benefits of natural pumpkins and stock up. Or grow your own!  Choose the right kind of Pumpkin for the recipes you plan to make.  By harvesting and canning yourself you can avoid a lot of GMOs, chemicals, toxins and other Yuk.

2. Get to Work. Little House on the Prairie Style

How to Can A Pumpkin- The Prarie Homestead

Make Your Own Pumpkin PureeThe Pioneer Woman

Make Pumpkin Puree and Use it All YearDIY Natural

Canning PumpkinsKeeper of the Home

3. Prioritize!  Collect Your Favorite Recipes 


We have provided some tried and true amazingly healthy and delicious pumpkin recipes below to get you started on your collection.

Now with these 3 tips and 9+ recipes you are set to enjoy all the taste and health benefit of Pumpkin any time of the year!

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