Holiday Season Check In

Season’s Greetings! Christmas is quickly approaching and here at Perfect Supplements we know exactly how hectic this time of year can be. Sometimes it can be hard to maintain a traditional diet during the holiday season, especially when store bought alternatives seem so much easier. Now, more than ever, your family is going to need to put extra effort into healthy eating.

The good news? Homemade holiday favorites are generally cheaper than store bought items and they are ALWAYS more delicious. Check out this awesome REAL Eggnog Recipe from Ask Doctor Mama. This delicious holiday staple is sweetened with real maple syrup and flavored with cloves and vanilla bean. Truly a holiday classic!

If you are more of a chocolate person, try Perfect Supplement’s recipe for Coconut Hot Chocolate. This delectable cocoa combines the goodness of raw cacao and organic coconut oil and is topped with homemade coconut cream.

Looking for extra indulgence? Add a scoop of Peppermint Frozen Yogurt or Eggnog Frozen Yogurt to your favorite holiday beverage. With real food ingredients and portion control, even dessert can be healthy!

Perfect Supplements would like to wish a happy and healthy holiday! To keep up with this season’s coupons and holiday deals, follow the Perfect Supplements Savings and Special Offers board on Pinterest.

Pictured: Real Eggnog by Ask Doctor Mama

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