Desiccated Liver: The Old School Supplement for New School Fitness

I’ve recently been exercising with a strength and conditioning coach and I’m absolutely obsessed with all of functional movement training that I am learning. Just as the mesh between new age scientific research and traditional understanding of the human body proves its effectiveness, so do the results! Take CrossFit or Parkour for example; ever changing workouts, muscle confusion, attention to a clean and traditional diet, and most importantly – AMAZING results.


When we push our bodies to do the incredible things that they are capable of, we must understand that we need to fuel our bodies with clean, wholesome, nutrient dense foods. As a society facing an extreme obesity rate, we are learning more and more about the way the food we eat affects our bodies. For this reason, more and more athletes are reaching a new understanding of the importance of a traditional diet, ditching the synthetic supplements, and fueling their bodies with REAL food. For example, many of the members of the CrossFit world follow a paleo / primal diet.

Primal diets include nutrient dense animal foods such as grass-fed beef liver. Beef liver can be turned into a clean, raw, whole food supplement known as desiccated liver. Athletes throughout history, especially body builders, have praised the benefits of desiccated liver for its ability to build, repair, and strengthen muscle. There are 3 reasons why desiccated liver is the old school supplement for new school fitness: protein, iron, and vitamin B12!


Desiccated liver is an excellent source of protein (70% protein by weight) containing many important amino acids. Protein plays a very important role in building and maintaining lean muscle.

Grass-fed beef liver is also a natural source of highly bioavailable iron which helps the body create hemoglobin, a blood protein, and myoglobin, a blood protein. These two proteins are essential for the repair and growth of human muscle mass.

Vitamin B12 is also naturally abundant in desiccated liver and is absolutely vital for cellular division and muscle growth. Additionally, vitamin B12 increases cellular energy and assists in the burning of carbohydrates and fats.


Perfect Desiccated Liver is obtained solely from healthy free range cattle that feed exclusively on rapidly growing green grass that sprouts from rich Argentinean soil. Perfect cows are raised entirely free of hormones and never come into contact with pesticides, fertilizers, or any other chemical substances.


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