TGIF! Here’s 3 More Reasons to Be Happy

What’s better than a warm, sunny day in New England? Spring is the time of year when everything and everyone seems to come alive. Fridays are the start to your relaxing, or perhaps adventurous, Spring weekend. If a warm Friday afternoon wasn’t enough reason to smile, we are here to give you three more!

1. Vermont Senate Approves GMO Labeling Bill

The Vermont Senate has recently approved a bill that would require the labeling of all foods containing genetically modified ingredients. If the bill passes through the House and becomes a law, Vermont would become the first state in the country to enact such law. Sixty developed countries around the world, including the European Union, recognize the dangers of GMOs and require strict labeling by law. Similar legislation has already passed in states such as Maine and Connecticut, but both states chose to hold off in hopes that neighboring states would join them. Vermont is known for its ability to enact change and thus supporters of the legislation have high hopes. Supporters of the bill hope the state leads the way on the issue. Will Allen, an organic farmer, said “Vermont’s always first,” citing the state’s ban on slavery and passage of civil unions and same-sex marriage, all firsts in the country (Will Allen Quote Source). This law could be a giant and crucial leap in right direction for the collective labeling of GMOs nation wide.


2. A Nationwide Bill that Could Increase the Self Image of Future Generations

A bill was recently proposed entitled The Truth in Advertising Act of 2014 that could potentially disillusion the unrealistic standards of men and women that modern media portrays. This bill proposed by the Federal Trade Commission and it would require federal regulators to submit a report including “a strategy to reduce the use, in advertising and other media for the promotion of commercial products, of images that have been altered to materially change the physical characteristics of the faces and bodies of the individuals depicted.” The rampant Photoshopping of men and women in the media has caused unrealistic standards that lead to low self esteem, poor body image, and far worse; body dismorphia, eating disorders, self-harm, and suicide. “An increasing amount of academic evidence links exposure to such altered images with emotional, mental, and physical health issues,” the bill states. “The dissemination of unrealistic body standards has been linked to eating disorders among men and women of varying age groups, but it has a particularly destructive health effect on children and teenagers” (Source). Here’s to hoping for a brighter future for the generations of tomorrow.

3. Recyclable Packaging at its Finest

recyclePaperboy Wines has created the first 100% recyclable bottle of wine. The packaging is 80% lighter than glass and made from ultra green material. Not only is the packaging sustainable, its absolutely beautiful as well. Vintage graphics and lettering meets modern sustainable packaging- LOVE IT. Paperboy Wines describes their product as “Cool and responsible all at once, Paper Boy is truly the evolved way to wine.” Sounds legit! The only thing I could not confirm is how clean the ingredients used to make the wine are. There wouldn’t be much good in sustainable packaging if the wine itself was made with GM ingredients and dirty pesticides! Can anyone confirm whether or not this wine is made with natural, or better yet organic, ingredients? Let us know!

Spring air and sunshine and 3 more great reasons to smile! Hopefully we can see both of these bills pass in the near future. How is your Spring going? Is it warm where you live? Here in Rhode Island, we are so excited to see the end of a tough winter. Perfect Supplements couldn’t be more grateful for the sunshine. What are your reasons to smile today?

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