Forget Silver Surfer, Silver Seal Is The New Superhero!

Silver Surfer was a totally cool superhero who helped save Earth.  There is just one small problem with Silver Surfer…he is a fictional character.  The good news is we can all be superheroes and help save our planet – without the need for super powers!   

We are thrilled to announce our Green America Silver Certified Business Seal. We couldn’t be more proud to earn the Silver Seal and will

use our superhero status to protect and defend our planet

Have you seen Perfect Supplements’ Silver Award?

The Seal is presented to small businesses that are committed to positive social and environmental change and growing the new green economy from the ground up.

 The Silver level signifies Perfect Supplements’ track record in social and environmental performance. We completed a rigorous certification process to ensure we meet Green America’s standards for the environment, community, labor, and governance.  green_america_silver_web_small

Click on the seal to the right to view our Sustainability Report 

The report shows our public certification results and commitment to transparency. If you have any questions about the report, feel free to contact co-founder, Kristen Morelli, directly at Perfect Supplements. She leads our environment and  community support team.  

Perfect Supplements is completely dedicated to protecting people and the planet. It is written in our mission statement.

Earth globePerfectly Natural Mission:

To Promote Optimum Health for Our Planet and All Living Beings

Click the silver seal to check out all the ways we have earned Green Business Certification. We are particularly proud of our commitment to fair trade principles and organic, sustainable agriculture; however, we also racked up a ton of points in the Conserving Resources and Minimizing Waste category.

Perfect Supplements is now a certified member of the Green Business Network, a distinguished and celebrated group of companies (superheroes) that have laid the groundwork for the green economy. The Green Business Network (GBN) is powered by Green America, a non-profit whose mission is to harness the economic power of consumers and businesses to create a more just and sustainable economy.

We can all be superheroes! How did you save the planet today?  


Superhero Image credit: lordalea / 123RF Stock Photo

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