Finished my First Marathon

Here’s a picture of me just after the marathon, holding my very cool Mickey Marathon Medal.


Here’s a picture of me fifteen minutes later waiting for my dear husband to open the car door.

You probaby already know this, but running a marathon is really hard! Would I do it again? Maybe.

How Can Something This Difficult Also Be Fun?

I highly recommend the Disney Marathon if you are looking for a fun marathon. Disney are experts on fun, and their marathon is no exception. It starts with fireworks and flames above the starting gate.


Perhaps you are wondering why it is dark. The race starts at 5:40 AM. Runners need to be inside the gates before 5 AM, and there was tons of traffic, so we were up at 3 AM and on the road before 4. There were 17 thousand other crazy people running that day. Talk about crazy…many of the marathon runners ran a half marathon the day before…that race is called the Goofy race. 

More Disney Fun

There were a couple of brass bands along the run, fun music and entertainers. Our favorite songs were Sweet Caroline, Come On Ilene, and The Boys of Summer. Just about every Disney character is somewhere along the 26 miles so you can stop and take pictures with them. Even more fun are the runners who are dressed in character. Here are a few pics.


Right now it is time to get ready to use the free park ticket that Disney gave me because I finished the marathon. More fun!   

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