Nut-Free Swaps for Nut-Free Schools

Tons of schools are going nut-free due to the alarming rise in pediatric allergies. If your child is nut free, or if their school is nut-free, do not fear! Perfect Supplements has created the ultimate guide to packing nut-free snacks and lunches, and we’ve also compiled a few, great, real food recipes to get you started.

The Obvious Sandwich Solution: SEED BUTTER!

If your child is allergic to peanut butter or if someone in their class is, a perfect alternative is seed butter! Many people who are allergic to nuts are absolutely fine when eating seeds. Nuts and seeds are often grouped together, but they are not the same thing. Seed butters are not limited to sunflower seed butter. Other seed butters are made from pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, hemps seeds, and more!

PBJBuild a Better Sandwich

To build the best sandwiches this school year, try to use local and organic ingredients whenever possible.

  1. Toast some gluten-free or sprouted grain bread.
  2. Spread coconut oil on the bread as a source of extra healthy fats and flavor.
  3. Spread sunflower butter on one side of the toast.
  4. Spread naturally sweetened jam or jelly on the other piece of toast.
  5. To make a peanut butter & fluff, simply use homemade fluff in place of jelly.

A wonderful homemade marshmallow fluff recipe can be found here. Homemade fluff is made with grass-fed gelatin, which means it is WAY more nutrient dense than the toxic fluff that you find in the grocery store.

Granola and Trail Mix are NOT Off Limits- If You Make Them Yourself!

Granola and trail mix does not have to contain nuts in order to be a nutrient dense snack. The problem is that most store bought granolas and trail mixes contain nuts. If you make them yourself, you can decide exactly what goes into the mix, and then you have nothing to worry about! Here is a list of real food, nut free ideas for your child’s lunch box:

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