Crave The Truth On Food? Check Out The Crave Cast With Alex Jamieson!

Here at Perfect Supplements we are sort of addicted to information on food, diet and health. We crave to learn more and this craving has us constantly checking out new research, blogs, videos and podcasts.

One of our favorite new podcasts is the aptly named The Crave Cast with Alexandra Jamieson.

Finally A Health Guru We Should All Listen To!

And that Health Guru is….you! Surprise, you thought we were going to say Alexandra Jamieson, didn’t you? We love Alexandra Jamieson and as a certified holistic health counselor who has helped thousands of clients and authored four books, she could clearly lay claim to being a “Health Guru”, but she knows the real Guru is you.

Through her books, website, counseling and Podcast, Alex has empowered people to listen to the messages and cravings of their body. Our body knows what it needs and what you need may be very different from what I need.

 In The Age Of Information Overload, It Takes Guts To Listen To Your Cravings

We love strong women who speak their mind, even if it goes against the norm. It can be difficult to swim upstream when it comes to delivering a message about health and wellness, but we think it is a journey well worth taking.

The-Crave-Cast-Alexandra-Jamieson-1400-300x300Alex Jamieson wrote the book on being vegan…literally. She is the author of Living Vegan for Dummies. So, the easy path to take was to continue to preach an all vegan lifestyle and make a career out of speaking and counseling on adapting a vegan lifestyle.

Luckily for us, Alex didn’t take the easy path. When her body starting craving meat, telling her that she needed, from time to time, things that were not in her vegan diet, she listened. Not only did she listen, she shared what she was doing with the world.

Of course Alex took plenty of heat for “turning her back on vegans.” This was not actually the case, she was just explaining that everyone is different and if we just listen to our body, NOT endless health gurus, we can come up with the right way to eat, live and enjoy life.

Listen to Alex Tell You To Listen to Your Body

The Crave Cast is not your typical health podcast. It is not a vegan or paleo podcast. It is not a low carb or low fat podcast. It crosses all those barriers and features fabulous guests who talk about how to listen to your body and come up with a food and life plan that brings you health and happiness!

We Love The Crave Cast So Much, We Become The First Sponsor

We love finding interesting people who are doing work very much aligned with our values. For this reason, we couldn’t be more happy to announce that we have signed on to become the first sponsor for The Crave Cast. Alex Jamieson is a truly inspirational woman and we look forward to sharing so much more incredible information through our partnership.

Crave Cast Quote

Like To Read? Check Out Alexandra Jamieson’s New Book

Listen to The Crave Cast and I bet you will be craving more from Alex! In which case, you should check out her brand new book – Women, Food and Desire. We are working on a full review of the book, but so far this book has received nothing but the highest praise. All 5 Star reviews on Amazon, which is pretty impressive.

Final Words From Alex Jamieson

Need more inspiration on why you should listen to The Crave Cast? I think Alexandra Jamieson says it best…

No matter what diets you’ve tried, you can have a body you love. No matter how exhausted you are right now, you can create more energy. No matter how lost and defeated you tell yourself you are, you can feel more positive. You can wake up in the morning loving your body and your life. You can find your own natural skilled resilience, natural healing abilities, and the life you dream about. A life filled with health, vitality, and joy.”

More Information:

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