Caring for Our Community Means Everything to Us

Supporting our community is at the heart of everything we do. It is why Perfect Supplements was created (Our Story). It is stated in Our Mission: To Promote Optimum Health for People and  Our Planet. We consider Mother Earth, and all living beings, as part of our community.

Perfect Supplements financially supports community projects through donations to charitable organizations that promote sustainable and small local farms, environment preservation, health education, and reducing malnutrition worldwide.

National Organizations

green_america_silver_web_smallIn 2014, Perfect Supplements received Green America’s Silver Certification for surpassing their standards for environment protection and social justice. Read more about our Silver Certification …

Perfect Supplements are also proud members of the Organic Trade Association, dedicated to “promoting and protecting organic trade to benefit the environment, farmers and people”.

Improving Communities Worldwide

Each year, Perfect Supplements donates thousands of dollars to charitable organizations. Always on the look out for fiscally responsible organizations, in the last several years, our focus has been on relieving malnutrition.

In 2015 and 2016, we are delighted to be partnering with with a $5000.00 donation to support the great work they are doing. “ helps … end food waste by enabling home and community gardeners to donate their excess garden produce to their local food pantry”, thereby allowing the people who are supported by those food pantries to receive fresh, local produce! It’s a brilliant concept, worthy of our support.

The Hunger Project, was the recipient of our annual $5000.00 donation in 2014. We appreciate The Hunger Project’s innovative approach to overcoming hunger and poverty, read more.

In 2012 and 2013, Perfect Supplements partnered with Action Against Hunger; donating one nutrient-dense meal with every order. We donated over 20,000 meals. Action Against Hunger saves lives in various ways. First, they provide meals directly to children who are critically malnourished. Second, they tap aquifers and run pipelines to bring fresh water to remote villages. Finally, to prevent future food scarcity problems, they provide seeds, tools, and training in gardening, and animal farming.

In 2013, Perfect Supplements proudly partnered with Zambeezi, a Fair Trade Federation member, to create our Perfect Lip Nutrients. “Fair Trade Federation members have one primary purpose: to support farmers and artisans in developing countries.” Perfect Supplements is dedicated to the principles of Fair Trade. Read more about Fair Trade…

Vitamin Angels received our annual donation in 2011.


Health Education

The Weston A. Price Foundation is a nonprofit charity founded to promote scientific research which identifies the optimum diet for humans. The key attributes of this optimum diet are nutrient dense food (i.e. superfoods). Learn more about WAPF recommended superfoods

In 2013 and 2015, Perfect Supplements were Gold Sponsors of the International WAPF Conference, and in 2014 we sponsored our local Wise Traditions Regional Conference.

Perfect Supplements’ co-founder, Kristen Morelli, volunteers as the co-leader of her local Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) chapter. As the co-leader, she hosts local events about healthy food and farming. She also helps connect local people with small sustainable farms.

Supporting Our Local Community and Farmers

In 2016, Perfect Supplements is sponsoring a month-long wellness series at our local community library. We will also be sponsoring the West Greenwich Summer Concert Series, which happens right up the road from our offices.

Our family lives in a lovely area of the Northeast where we are surrounded by farmland. We purchase our produce and pasture-raised meat from these local farms, and happily support them through Farm Fresh RI, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving Rhode Island farmland, and reducing the impact of farming on our local environment. At the bottom of this page is a picture from a farm stand right around the corner, where we stopped to pick up a pumpkin.

Perfect Supplements is also a member of our local Alternative Food Co-op. This establishment promotes “organically grown, unprocessed, whole foods and supports sustainable, local agriculture”. If you are ever in the neighborhood of Wakefield, RI, we highly recommend their selection of organic and reasonably priced bulk herbs.

Local Environment

Perfect Supplements are longtime supporters of our local environment through the Audubon Society of RI (ASRI) and Save the Bay. Rhode Island is The Ocean State, so named because of the large beautiful bay that runs right through the center. Come for a visit and check out our beautiful beaches and boating. If you prefer hiking in the wilderness, ASRI independently protects almost 9,500 acres of woodlands and coastal property.

Local Sports

providence bruinsFor several years, Perfect Supplements has supported our local American Hockey League affiliate of the Boston Bruins, the Providence Bruins. We have also sponsored a BMX team at our local track, and two Perfect teams at the local 5K obstacle course race. Learn more about our local teams here.