Our Story

Co-founders, Paul and Kristen Morelli, met in college and married in 2000. Their backgrounds are in science and software. In 2007, after the birth of their third child, Kristen was working part-time, teaching at a local college. It was a decent job, but did not address her …

Passion for the Planet

Kristen decided she wanted to pursue a career that was more in line with her values as a Health Nut and Nature Freak. You can read more about her obsessions in this article, “You Know You Are a Nature Freak If…”

We celebrate Earth Day by planting trees and cleaning up litter.

It occurred to Kristen that an online retail store would be the perfect avenue for promoting environmentally responsible products, with a focus on Fair Trade. After the kids went to bed, she stayed up night after night creating a website all about protecting the planet and natural living.


Organic and Fair Trade

Paul performed research to find the best organic and fairly-traded products. He found that natural supplements and superfoods were a great way to combine organic and Fair Trade. One of their first products was Perfect Acai. This superfood is organic and sustainably harvested. It preserves the Amazon Rainforest because acai berry trees are saved from being harvested for lumber. The acai berry industry also improves the quality of life of the indigenous farmers’ communities.

Paul continues to search for superfoods that support their Family Values. Perfect Chlorella and Perfect Spirulina are two more examples that combine organic growing practices and improving the quality of life in developing communities. Read more about Fair Trade here.

Small Family Business with a Big Heart

Perfect Supplements financially supports their community through various local, national, and international non-profit organizations. Kristen promotes health education as the co-leader of her local Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter. Perfect Supplements provides local jobs for several employees, and all of our products are made in the USA. You can learn more about Kristen and the Morelli Family on our blog.