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Perfect Supplements co-founder, Kristen Morelli, enjoys supporting her community as the co-leader of her local WAPF chapter in Southern RI. Perfect Coconut Oil received Best rating in the WAPF Shopping Guide.

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Living The Paleo Lifestyle?

The Paleo Diet is a very popular eating plan and philosophy. But what exactly is the Paleo Diet? Is it different than the Primal Diet, Cave-Man Diet or Ancestral Diet? Are there any key nutrients that might be lacking from your diet if you follow the Paleo Diet? Which supplements are natural, healthy and Paleo friendly? All great questions!

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Introducing The 2015 BITAN Awards

Showcasing the 35 Traditional Food Blogs That Rose To The Top of The Raw Milk Glass. A list of the Best Weston A. Price Inspired, Traditional And Nourishing Food Bloggers on the internet; sorted by category for easy reference.

Each Influencer is passionate about the healing benefits of traditional foods, such as, healthy fats from pastured animals (butter, egg yolks), fermented foods, and bone broths. These bloggers tell good stories and prepare great recipes. Dedicated to sharing the benefits of nourishing foods with you, make sure you check out every BITAN 2015 Award Winner!

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Experts Pick The 30 Best Paleo Recipes

The Best Paleo Recipes From The Best Paleo Bloggers. We have spent the last two months reaching out to the top Paleo bloggers and chefs and asked them one simple question…

What is Your #1 Favorite Paleo Recipe and Why?

Sounds simple enough, but I think we might have short circuited their brains. Remember, we are talking about folks who have authored numerous Paleo cookbooks and tried literally thousands of Paleo recipes.

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