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Untitled design (15)Welcome to the October issue of Perfectly Interesting Health News!  Each month we gather interesting health related news and condense it for a convenient way to keep our readers informed and inspired.  This edition includes GMO updates, the importance of buying organic and how to do it on a budget, why you might want to paint your pumpkins blue this year, and suggestions for staying safe and having fun this Halloween!

Persistence Pays

Every month we are able to share numerous articles on the progress of the war on GMO‘s and Monsanto.  Why?  Because with education, persistence, and the power of the dollar we are impacting the decisions of our food suppliers, and they are making changes.  The downfall of Monsanto is becoming evident, and the rise of the number of business going organic and GMO free are rapidly increasing.  Here are just a few of the reports from this month:

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Join the Crusade

More people means more power. There are 2 simple steps you can take to help drastically restore the quality of food in the U.S. and the overall health of the nation.keep-local-farms

  1.  Buy Organic
  2.  Buy Local

Check out this eye opening article on the limited availability of organic food in the U.S. simply because of the lack of demand for it.

If you simply do these two things on a consistent basis, you will be part of a powerful movement that’s forcing corporations to pull toxic ingredients from their products and shelves and replace them with safer, natural ingredients.  By using the power of money, we create the demand needed for overall change to happen.  If you wish to play a larger part, check out this organization dedicated to protecting the rights of organic farmers to produce and distribute goods, and the rights of consumers to purchase them. They are a grassroots organization and receive no government funding and little or no corporate funding, so becoming a member will greatly help the cause:

We Have A Dream

The D.A.R.K Act is still in review.  Watch this speech on the importance of vetoing this daunting bill.

Affordable Organic

Buying organic and local does not have to be expensive and time consuming.  There are countless resources on where to get the most for your money.  Here are a few articles we recommend:Perfect

Up for a Challenge?

Want to help make the world healthier and more humane? Join 60,000 others in signing this pledge to purchase chicken from only high-welfare certified farms for 30 days.  Watch this video to understand the importance, and to learn what to look for when purchasing.

On A Less Serious Note …

Here are some suggestions on how to be safe and have fun this Hallow’s Eve night!

  1.  Dress Like an Egg

Have fun and spread a message with a health inspired costume.  Is anyone going to be a bottle of cod liver oil this year!?  Here is a funny article with healthy costumes ideas!

2.  Give out safe, fun, healthy treats!  ha

3.  Paint you Pumpkins Blue!

Do you have or know a child with food Allergies?  This project is a great way to include those with Allergies in trick-or-treating fun in a safe way. Paint your pumpkins teal to show you are offering allergy friendly snacks or toys at your house!  Read more how it all started and how to help spread the word here:


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