Project Earth Month Blog Part 2- Mission Accomplished!

We Dubbed April Earth Month

We Had Important Goals

We Succeeded!

Without a healthy planet it would be very unlikely to have healthy people inhabiting it.  Here at Perfect Supplements we aim to promote optimal health for people, AND our planet.  Mission Impossible?  We don’t think so!  We continue to make efforts not just in our personal lives, but also as a company.

♥ Our supplements are all natural, with no synthetics … grown on the earth, not manufactured in a factory.

♥ Our supplements are organic or grown without toxic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides; and our animal products (collagen and desiccated liver) are pastured & grass-fed.

♥ Our packing slips and brochures are printed on recycled paper,

♥ Our packaging is re-used and recyclable whenever possible (did you know that bubble wrap and plastic envelopes can be recycled with plastic bags in some states?)

Here we are donating shortdated natural products to local farms to enrich their soil with nutrients. 

Check out this fun, slightly blurry video of cleaning up our town and making it a family event!

Deep Thought Ahead …

If every person picked up one piece of litter a day, would the world be trash free?  Who knows, but it’s worth a try!  Also, think about it, one piece of litter a day= 365 at years end.  Imagine that amount times the number of people in the world.  It would make a considerable difference for sure! 

What are small ways you help preserve our earth that would really add up if everyone else did it too?

P.S.  Check out Part One of this blog-  The Importance of Earth Day and our Goals for the Month HERE 🙂


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