Staying Healthy During the Holidays and Supplement Giveaway Winner 12/16

Terie is this week’s winner…we are happy to see that someone is still focused on health this holiday season.

Healthy Holidays?

I have to admit that focusing on my health is one of the first things to go when things get busy. It is more challenging to find time for healthy grocery shopping, planning meals, and even getting adequate sleep when there are so many other responsibilities. Exercise? Who’s got the time?

Here’s What I’m Doing

Catch Up on Sleep – This week I stayed up really late a few nights (Christmas cards and online shopping), so last night I went to bed really early.

Crockpot Cooking This is such a time saver! It doesn’t work for everything, but it is perfect for soups, stews, and sauces…you can even “roast” a whole chicken. This week I browned some locally farmed beef and threw it in the crockpot with Bob’s Red Mill Bean Soup, some chopped carrots and water.¬† Came home at dinner time to “Dinner is Done!”

Freezing Healthy Food – Looking back on this week’s dinners, I was fortunate to have plenty of healthy food choices because I buy in bulk and freeze healthy staples, such as meat from a small local family farm, Organic Valley’s Pasture Butter, and sour dough bread. This way I don’t have to waste a lot of time with frequent visits to the grocery store.

Family Karate Class – My family enjoys karate classes together. This commitment got me to exercise twice this week, despite the busy holiday season.

Looking back on the week, one healthy thing is missing…getting out for some fresh air. I love hiking through the woods, and really believe in the healing power of nature. I will have to make this a priority this coming week.

Perfect Supplements – Yes, I take my supplements everyday. I have not had a cold or any other virus this season (knock on wood) despite the many sick people around me. Aaahh, the amazing power of healthy food plus superfood supplements.

Holiday Giveaway!

Perfect Supplements¬† wants everyone to enjoy the benefits of healthy living and superfood supplements. All through the holiday season we are giving away a free bottle of Perfect Supplements every Friday at 2PM. If you haven’t won yet, please try again this week.

It is easy to enter. Simply post a comment to this blog and tell us what you did to stay healthy this week.

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