Decrease Your Risk of A Heart Attack by 89% by Following These 4 Simple Steps [Drug Free, All Natural]

The month of love is here!  February is typically associated with candies, cards and super expensive dates but it is also known as National Heart Month for this important reason: 

Heart Disease Awareness & Prevention!

So love yourself this February by becoming informed. Spread the love to family and friends with the awareness of things everyone should know- Major Risk Factors & Early Indicators of Possible Heart Disease, Symptoms of Heart Attack, Stroke, & Cardiac Arrest and What to do in the case of emergency (here is an important side note about Asprin).   

Four Simple Steps

Many studies have proven that adhering to four simple behaviors can variably prevent up to 89% of heart attacks & strokes! Just by implementing 4 four simple, drug free steps into your daily routine can help you maintain a strong, healthy heart and prevent your chance of heart attack or stroke significantly!  Remember this: E.M.T.S to prevent a visit from the E.M.Ts. 

Here’s How To Do It

Eat Well –        The Best Foods and Supplements For A Healthy Heart

Move More-   Winter Fitness- Stop the Excuses! & Five Fun Fitness Challenges For The Office

Take Care-      Simple Steps to Perfect Health & Wellness Series

Stress Less-     5 Ways to Help You Stress Less and Sleep More- Starting Today! & 11 Simple Steps to Joy

Help Us With This Life Saving Cause!

Share on Facebook,  PIN, and Tweet as much as you can to spread this important information over all social media this month! For a more hands-on outreach to loved ones here are some great Free Printable Valentines and Activities you can enjoy doing and/or personally give to those whose hearts you care about.  You can also check out these reputable sites for other ways to help with the cause.  

The American Heart Association

The Foundation for Science, Health, and Education 


We love our customers and as our valentine to you please use the code ILOVEMYHEART for 10% off your entire order of our 100% natural whole food supplements this month.



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