What’s Your Style? A Review of 8 Exercise Routines


2014 is going to be the year you take control of your health and feed your body what it needs to be healthy, radiant and bounding with energy. It all comes down to the simple choices you make throughout the day. With healthy decisions, feeling great and losing weight happen naturally.

In our Simple Steps to Perfect Health & Wellness Series, we will be presenting healthy lifestyle suggestions based on 20 years of personal research, to help you make informed choices that will have you feeling and looking terrific. The series will cover a variety of topics including diet, exercise, stress reduction, mental health, relationships, and more. We wish you a Perfectly Healthy New Year!


What’s Your Style? A Review of 8 Exercise Routines


In the previous blog of our Perfect Health and Wellness Series, we discussed in detail the many health benefits of physical activity, beyond weight loss. Because movement is so important to overall well being, we want to help you find an exercise routine that is convenient and enjoyable for you; that way you will be much more likely to incorporate it into your daily life.


What’s your style?

Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself.

1. Do I prefer to work out alone, or do I need a group to help motivate me?
There are many great home video and on-line exercise programs for home bodies; and a variety of classes for you social butterflies. Check out the chart below for a review of some of your options.

2. When in my week do I plan to schedule exercise?
Are classes available at that time (karate, yoga, cross fit)? If not, I should probably choose an exercise program at home, or a gym with very flexible hours.

3. How much time can I really commit?
If you are setting aside 1/2 hour, 3 times per week (a perfectly good place to start; attainable goals are best), then your exercise LOCATION will need to be very convenient, either at home, near work, or on the way.

4. How much support do I need?
Some people have a knack for incorporating healthy habits into their lives, and other people find it extremely challenging. Money is a great motivator. Find a class and a trainer that you like, and then pay up front each month. We also recommend Jonathan Roche’s Online Boot Camp; they have a support team and an overall healthy life program that we think is very motivational. 


What’s Your Top Pick?

Kristen and Paul enjoy the motivation, ongoing challenge, and shared experience of martial arts classes. Jamie enjoys the convenience and group support of her 24 /7 gym membership.

We hope this guide helps you find YOUR style for ongoing physical activity. Please share with us, your favorite exercise routine, and why you love it?

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