7 Perfect Tips To Keep Your “GET HEALTHY” Resolution This Year- WITHOUT DIETING!

The Sad Truth…

Statistics show the #1 New Years resolution year after year revolves around the basic idea of improving ones’ health.  Losing weight, running marathons, wearing a bikini by summer- sound familiar?  Well, statistics also show that “getting healthy” is also the #1 resolution that most will fail at. 

The Happy Truth!

Studies have proven the best way of making a resolution that will actually stick is to start with small obtainable goals.  If you set a huge unrealistic goal for yourself you are much more likely to throw up your hands in defeat within 2 weeks.  These 7 tips will greatly increase your chances of keeping your resolution for better health.

  1. Set short-term goals for long-term results.  Take it day by day and celebrate small accomplishments
  2. Make your resolution about the journey, not the outcome. 
  3. Employ the buddy system- Make it a fun competition
  4. Make yourself accountable – State your goals/Keep Records/Get an app!
  5. Modify your resolution if need be, it’s ok to have set backs
  6. Don’t give up – it’s very common to have set backs but it is important not to let them take your sights away from your long term goal.
  7. Do what works for you and in the best way.  

5 Obtainable Goals For Better Health This Year!

#1 Detox

Start the new year off with a clean slate.  Removing toxin buildup in your body can help your body work more efficiently and improve health in many ways. Here are some helpful resources:

Detox diets and cleanse supplements can help eliminate toxins from your body all at once, but is also a good idea to consume detoxifying foods on a regular basis to keep your organs clean and functioning optimally.  Here are:

An alarming number of household products contain toxins that alone are considered at “safe” levels, but when all together in one house can add up to a lot daily of exposure.  Here is a handy printable checklist of possibly the most toxic products in your home and safer all-natural alternatives:

#2 Stay Hydrated 

Most dietitians, doctors, mothers, etc. will tell you drink an unimaginable amount of water per day for optimal health.  Have you tried this?  Have you carried the enormous jug of water around and ended up in the bathroom 75% if your day?  Has it been time consuming and stressful?  Here are tips to help make drinking more water daily obtainable:

#3 Sleep Better

Sometimes it is just unfathomable to think about finding the time for more sleep but studies show that quality over quantity sleep is actually much better for your health.  Here is are some tips on achieving a better nights sleep-

#4 Move Better

We recommend getting at least an hour of movement in a day, finding your exercise style and to not to exercise for weight loss.   If an hour of dedicated exercise time seems like a stretch right now than start off with small obtainable goals.  Like moving “better” instead of more.  If you have a desk job get a ball chair or a standing desk.  Take a break every hour with your coworkers to do fun office exercises.  Instead of sitting on the couch while watching TV sit on the floor and stretch or do lunges.   You don’t have to drastically change your exercise routine right off the bat, even just subtle changes everyday can make a big difference!  Here are some inspirational fitness podcasts for some motivation!

#5 Eat Better

Nourishing your body is the absolute most important thing you can do for optimal health.  This does mean you have to limit what you eat or go on any “fad” diets.  We strongly advise the principles of Weston A. Price and consuming as much whole, organic, grass-fed, natural super food foods as possible. 

Nowadays it is hard to get adequate nutrition from food alone so most will use natural supplements for a convenient way to get all the nutrients you need.  If you do not like the taste of liver and do not have the means to make bone broth or cook fish everyday, there are some great alternatives!

There are our 5 ideas to get you started on your journey of getting healthier this year.  Detox, hydrate, sleep, move and eat a little better each day.  No matter where you are starting off from there is always room for small daily improvements that can lead to a much healthier lifestyle.  Don’t give up, find a good support system, and be proud of your progress!

Best of Health and Happiness To You All This New Year!

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